Rag & Bone New Elizabeth Street Store | Inside Look

July 22, 2010

Once a spot for Leonardo DiCaprio (we cannot thank you enough for leaving movies like Man In The Iron Mask and going on to work with Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese) to munch on steak and eggs, Cafe Colonial on the corner of Elizabeth Street and East Houston in New York City has shut its doors, and kitchen which has been providing the good people of Nolita with Brazilian eats. But, behold, better things come after steak– David Neville and Marcus Wainwright of hip menswear (which has also responded to the desolate lady shoppers’ cries to reach out into womenswear) label, Rag and Bone, has taken over the space for their line of shirts, jeans, knits and shoes.

Like the other Rag and Bone stores, but also unlike the others, the store stays pertinent and relevant to its space in terms of construction and heritage. The new Elizabeth Street store retains some original components of Cafe Colonial– for instance, the Rag and Bone Shoe Shop is situated in what used to be the kitchen of Cafe Colonial, and the tiled walls and writing in the back have been kept intact. The Shoe Shop comes with its own separate entrance, but is also joined to the Shirt, the Knit and the Jeans through a short and narrow walkway.

Also, on the outside of the shop, on the side of Elizabeth Street, Rag and Bone has taken care to pay homage to Cafe Colonial with a thoughtful painted sign.

On the other side, heavy wooden floors and industrial metal racks play host to Rag and Bone’s pre-fall collection of basic shirts, knits and jeans. The jeans, in various washes and fits hang nonchalantly off the wall. In the middle of the room, a large metal table displays an array of pre-fall accessories such as a warm, chunky knit scarf alongside a pot of Rag and Bone greenery.

The space was opened for preview on Tuesday for select press and guests, and will be officially open to public this coming Friday. This is also the first time the Rag and Bone shoes will be earning a special place of their own in the city. So, check out our event recap, and the great Rag and Bone shoes some ladies have been spotting (including one of the Rag and Bone footwear designers, Lauren, who was at the event) at the store.

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