Fjällräven – 50th Anniversary + Back to School Event

August 19, 2010

More than half a century ago, a young, fourteen year old Swedish boy by the name of Åke Nordin loved hiking through his native Scandinavia:n landscape. However, he encountered a dilemma and couldn’t find a proper carry-all to house his adventure supplies. Taking matters into his own hands, Nordin created a  framed backpack that distributed weight evenly and offered better support. A decade later, Nordin created Fjällräven and expanded from backpacks into a range of related products including quality outerwear and accessories geared towards the great outdoors.

This year, Fjällräven celebrates its 50th Anniversary and to commemorate the event, along with the upcoming school season, the Swedish label is holding a Back to School shopping event along with 50th Anniversary celebration in its New York City Store. Alongside a fresh collection of classic Fjällräven Kanken backpacks (which features an edible foam pad designed to aid with survival in case of camping emergencies) in new colorways such as pink, yellow and purple. Those who visited the store today would have enjoyed a 10% one-day discount on the Kanken backpacks, give-aways and swedish treats.

On the sidetone, the store currently also carries a children’s collection, and a special 50th Anniversary Fjällräven Kanken collection, where the iconic backpack has been rendered in two sizes, the regular and the mini. Both feature a special leather tag “Fjällräven Since 1960″ as opposed to the regular red and white tags without the establishment year. Juncture visited the New York City store, and took spin around the store. Enjoy!

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