Dior Homme – Un Rendez Vous – Directed by Guy Ritchie

September 8, 2010

Short films seem to be the choice medium for conveying olfactory satisfaction, as Chanel had recently enlisted Martin Scorcese for Chanel de Bleu, and Frank Miller had hopped on the Gucci board. Now, Dior Homme had brought on Guy Ritchie to direct a seductive short for Dior Homme cologne, starring the ever smoldering Jude Law. This five minute short features Law in his perfectly fitted Dior Homme suit, driving across town in a sleek, vintage convertible, about to rendez vous with the lovely Michaela Kocianova. Ritchie’s touch brings a little film noir, surrealist edge to the short, as we wonder who Law is conversing with– all comes clear when the audience realize, things are never what they look like.

YouTube Preview Image