Hermès – Fingerskate | Videos

November 9, 2010

Going online is not just about establishing a new retail model, and setting up an online store, but about finding a presence on the largest space in the world that is accessible to all. For the past few years, many luxury labels, especially those that comes with centuries of heritage, have been hesitant with hopping onto online marketing, and were slightly slow in adapting to to new environment. However, as needs would have it, many are expanding their prowess online and have also adopted a decidedly more youthful attitude to attract those who spend the most time online, and those who are less afraid of exchanging their rent for a calfskin leather bag.

Hermès has recently launched its new interactive microsite, and have been adopting viral content to market its products to a younger crowd. The latest videos from Hermes’ campaign are the Fingerskate series by Alexis Milant, where the director maneuvered finger skate decks across Hermes products that have been planted as obstacles. Perhaps the gung-ho and orthodox luxury believers would find performing ollies and flips and scratching up precious leather a desecration, but viral effect is definitely achieved.

YouTube Preview Image